Get The Most Exceptional Bathroom Interior Design Service

With a passion for all things Design, Home Interior Design Dubai is an Interior Designing Service Provider with many years of experience. Having worked on a huge variety of projects, we are full of passion and a wealth of knowledge for our clients. We believe interior design is an “opportunity” to reconsider your space. 

We are located in Dubai and provide a winning service, combining excellent craftsmanship and experience to guarantee a seamless design, bathroom installation, or total renovation. All projects are delivered on budget and time, using only quality products from the country’s leading bath ware suppliers.

How Do We Work?

  • Our interior designers personally come to meet you in the comfort of your home.
  • During the consultation, we discuss options and your thoughts and like to get a feel and understanding of your visions.
  • Then our team will create and send you an exclusive mood board with colors, tiles, bathroom furniture, and accessories.
  • After your approval, we start our work and complete the work in less possible time. 

Types Of Bathroom Interiors 

Traditional Bathroom

A classic in terms of design is a traditional bathroom. This look is classic. It is inspired by what is currently popular in the world of design. Designing such a room may be a lot of fun with the acknowledged influences of Victorian, Colonial, and Georgian designs. The stunning aesthetics will make you fall in love whenever you enter this sanctuary.

Modern Bathroom

The design of this space is lavish. It is a striking statement in the bathroom. It’s opulent and a little dramatic. It gives you the rich grandeur you might expect in an opulent hotel. The space is attractive, elegant, and carefully planned. The ideal location for solitude. It is a transitional-style bathroom from the modern era.

bathroom interior design service

Contemporary Bathroom

The design of the contemporary bathroom integrates elements of current trends. It’s all about the present, from finishes to technology. It’s brand-new, intriguing, novel, and developing. Giving us a space where elegance and practicality coexist. The simple, easy-to-clean lines and streamlined design are ideal for our hectic lifestyles.

Why Should You Choose Our Services?

  • Initial design meeting over the phone or via video conference.
  • Review your personal choices for materials, wants, and styles.
  • Concept/Mood Board to display the space’s vision.
  • Developing floor plans in great detail.
  • Renderings in 3D of the suggested design.
  • A bunch of thorough building drawings.
  • Selections of Materials & Finishes (Including cabinets, countertops, backsplash, paint, hardware, plumbing, lighting, etc.).
  • There may be as many as two revisions or re-choices.
  • Detailed material source list with relevant details and product links.
  • A contractor or homeowner will participate in a virtual meeting to examine completed plans, comprehend the project’s scope, and execute the design.
  • A professional will take photographs of your finished space.
  • Full design support until project completion.

Need help coming up with a bathroom concept? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Home Interior Design Dubai will be more than happy to help.