Enhance The Value Of Your Business With A Sophisticated Commercial Interior Design Service

We are a recognized leader in commercial architecture thanks to our unmatched customer service and creative methodology. Our crew consists of skilled professionals who work with you from beginning to end, contributing their skills and knowledge as the most crucial resources for a project. 

Home Interior Design Dubai aims to offer commercial interior design services that go above and beyond your expectations while also representing your demands and budget. Our team of interior architects and designers breathes life into your brand image through strategic space planning and a particular selection of materials.

Why Choose Home Interior Design Dubai?

Every project our team works on benefits from our experience, which enables us to provide our clients with unrivaled service. We have offered commercial interior design services for several projects. Our team’s diversity of specialist experts offers the greatest degree of experience to oversee your project’s whole planning, design, and construction.

A well-designed office or store can make a huge difference in its environment. That encompasses not only actual space but also functionality and interior design. The professionals at Home Interior Design Dubai firmly believe that better settings result in a better user experience and, ultimately, a better representation of your brand. 

We design aesthetically beautiful indoor spaces that prioritize positivity. To give long-term value and pleasurable, updated spaces for years to come, we work within your budget and design unique solutions around your specific project needs. Together, we can improve the surroundings so that more people can be helped.

office interior design service

How Do We Work?

  • We evaluate your requirements and available resources before assisting you in choosing and organizing your furniture and equipment. Then, to make your project space a success, we assist you in managing the procedure of working with the necessary vendors.
  • During the session, the office is toured, problems are discussed, and potential remedies are considered. It takes three to four working days to develop a design proposal. The proposal will include the scope of work, design-oriented objectives, and our anticipated design price to start the design process.
  • We will set aside a day to visit your office or corporate space, measure it, and take photos. The next steps are divided into two categories. First, we do space planning, which entails creating an appropriate concept or design and presenting it to the client, and then the idea for furniture is developed and presented. 
  • Then we prepare a cost breakdown of the materials and furnishings. It will contain all materials, fabric, décor items, color ideas, office furniture, etc.
office interior design service
  • One adjustment can be made to the plan after it has been presented to you, and it should be made either during the meeting itself or at its conclusion. 
  • We will start working after your confirmation and make the necessary changes during the design phase.

To find out more about our commercial interior design service, i.e., planning, design, and construction, get in touch with our team of interior designers.

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